Poll: Knife Habits

Yesterday in the Oregonian there was this etiquette and entertaining type article. I think the point had to do with why the knife is placed where it is in a table setting and I didn’t pay attention to that part as much seeing as how I don’t think inconsistent utensil placement signals the end of western civilization. But the part of the article that made me stop was when she was talking about how when people are using a knife to cut something on their plate, they use their right hand then put the knife down and pick up their fork to eat the food with their right hand, so they have to do this crossing back and forth thing.

I never paid a lot of attention so now I’m taking an informal poll: is this how you eat your steak (or tofu, depending on your preference)? I’m a lefty and I keep the fork in my left hand and use my right hand to cut. This method is so much more efficient and logical.

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