Poll: Why Buy It?

Last week I read an interview in Bust Magazine — it was Pamela des Barres (has there ever been a boring person named Pamela?) interviewing Beck. They’re talking about the music business right now and Beck says, “It’s like there are so many good records, you don’t need to make one.”

PdB says, “Oh, don’t say that! Tell me, what have you listened to more than five times that’s come out in the last couple years?” and Beck says, “Hmmmm. Five times? Well, you got me there.”

So my reaction to this is: what a concept. Why would you even buy something if you weren’t going to listen to it at least five times? Or in my case: at least a hundred and five times? This is a major realization, that people, like say my husband with his bazillion cds downstairs, wouldn’t mind having music in their house that they would listen to less than five times. Really, my whole world view changed in an instant thanks to Beck.

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