Grassy Bowl with Lawn Chairs

I am feeling a lot better this weekend. Last week I felt like my head was going to explode — long story, no need to go into it here.

On Thursday I left work early and we went to Salem to see Jamgrass at the Oregon Garden. The show started at 6pm and we got there at about 6:10pm. The venue is a beautiful grassy bowl and when we arrived the full family scene was out with lawn chairs and picnics and all kinds of people kicking back enjoying the music. I heard someone say they ran out of beer before 8pm — I don’t know for sure but a new act came on each hour and by 8pm the family scene was slowly clearing out and “the tribe” was bouncing around and dancing along the fringes. By 9pm when Yonder came on, the lawn chairs were gone and the area in front of the stage was crammed with dancing fans. My first Yonder show — finally after several close calls — and I can see why Bob and Walker are such huge fans. They’re wacky, funny, talented and very cute.

Yesterday I had the day off and for the most part I kicked back and caught up on some odds and ends and then watched several more episodes of the Sopranos. I’m almost done with Season 1.

Today we went to the Farmers Market early and I’m about to go to the kitchen to get the stuff cleaned up and put away and start making some fun food for the weekend. Tonight I’m making peach ice cream. Other ideas for the weekend are grilled vegetable sandwiches on homemade Focaccia, hummus and salsa. We’ll see how far I get.

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