A Sopranos Fan is Born

Yesterday I checked my page and noticed that it’s all goofy and there are dead links. Funny, because those links weren’t dead when I put them up. I checked my directories and the stuff was gone. How does this happen? Actually there is a whole bunch of stuff in there that looks goofy — duplicate files and stuff that I don’t remember putting back up there. So a project for the next week will be to get that all cleaned up and reorganized. I’ve been spending all day on the computer at work so when I get home I don’t even want to look at a computer.

My latest thing is The Sopranos. Am I the last person on the bandwagon or what? Auntie bought the first season and it’s been traveling around the family and finally made it to our house and Bob already zoomed through it and so it’s been sitting here. Last Saturday I wanted to watch a movie so I started watching Kiss of the Dragon and about 20 minutes into it I decided it was too violent. So then I was going to finish watching Phantom Menace since the DVD player is back upstairs — but the cables to attach it to the TV were not so I was like, “Hm, what should I watch? Hey, here’s this box with the Sopranos.” And ever since I run home from work every night and park my butt on the couch to watch some more. I LOVE Tony Soprano.

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