Yoda, Naked

So can you tell that I have these major dry periods where I can’t think of a thing to blog about?

Well first, I think this opinion column from The Onion says it all: “while watching The Empire Strikes Back, the second act of which is practically all Yoda, not once did you wonder what he looked like naked?” And even though I think the article is hilarious — I have to admit, in all my endless wondering about Star Wars things, I never once wondered about Yoda naked.

In other news, Bob bought a digital camera this week. He’s already made a couple of movies which he showed me yesterday. One was “Bobman makes iced tea” and featured music by Topaz from High Sierra. Another one was called something like, “What my kitchen looks like, blurry.” Tonight he went to the Jazz Fest and train tracks for more footage. Yay.

My garden has finally kicked into gear — better late than never. Last weekend was my first tomato harvest — I got 6. (My early girl remained a single stick all summer long until I finally pulled it out to save it from complete embarrassment.) Today I got about 46. Last weekend when I saw Mom she gave me about 10 lbs. so yesterday I made pasta sauce and today I made minestrone with the leftovers. I think I’m going to make some pizza sauce and some salsa and get caught up for the rest of the weekend. Gardens have a way of making you hate them.

Finally, my cousin Kathy gave me an Obi-Wan Kenobi bank. You put money in (or press a button) and it lurches around with a light saber and says stuff about the Jedi. Then you can wave your hand in front of it and it will keep going. Now I have a Darth Vader phone (rings like the Darth Vader theme), an interactive Yoda with light saber, the Obi-Wan *and* and Darth Maul action figure. I take everything out of the box and actually play with it. Screw this collector stuff.

Oh, also we saw Great Big Sea, The Young Dubliners and Seven Nations on Tuesday night and it was super fabulous.

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