Root Ball

The plan for this afternoon is to do a bit of tweaks and start building the new pages for High Sierra and the trip to L.A. We’ll see how far I get. I just did today’s “15 minute gardener” routine. I finished chopping down the other dead rhodie and managed to dig up the stump or root ball or whatever you’d call it and I cleared a bunch more ivy and started chipping away at the tall rhodie on the side of the house. It’s about 10 feet tall now and I think I want to make it more my height. Someday this area will be ivy free and I’m going to plant hostas and maybe some calla lillies if they’re easy to grow. I also harvested more beets. Beets are my best crop after tomatoes. And what a bummer because Bob won’t eat them. Billy won’t eat the beets anymore either.

Last night we went to the Lillian Pitt Gallery on NE Alberta to see the premiere of a documentary about the Plateau People – art, culture and history of some local Indians. The documentary is very well done and the gallery is fabulous. I pointed out many ideas for potential gifts to my husband. Next weekend is the Wy-Kan-Ush-Pum at Waterfront park which is the Indian Art Northwest artist’s market and also fun outdoor music. I think we’re going to check it out.

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