Where have I been? A little low energy this week, we don’t need to go into that, but then the World Cup started so I’ve been caught up in that. I have been taping usually 2 games a night and I’m already behind but, you know, the weekend is coming. I feel like I am disconnected from everyone. Also I had a completely aggravating situation related to work which leads me to ask: does anyone care about doing a good job anymore? In this case “anyone” being a person employed by a government entity? Do people want to be helpful and competent? Because if they do, I’ve never met them. But aside from all that, things are decent. I got a shave ice (watermelon and green apple) at the Rose Festival yesterday and then a 25 ¢ foot massage — which is this plastic easy chair where you put in a quarter and set your feet on this metal platform and it vibrates like a jack hammer for a couple of minutes. I wouldn’t call it relaxing. I, of course, wondered if anyone would mind if I sat on it.

Meanwhile, read this hilarious story: Star Wars II Cereal: General Mills Gets It All Wrong. My favorite quote: “I realize it’s not always easy to produce a reasonable facsimile of a person or object when you’re reducing them to a tiny morsel of corn starch and gelatin, but it doesn’t look like General Mills was even trying.”

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