Last night I kept talking about Star Wars because I’m still trying to figure it all out and I remembered there was something I wanted to look at in one of my Star Wars books with the annotated screenplays. It answered my question but I also found a bunch of information that I wasn’t looking for and I decided I’d better read this entire book again. So I say to Bob “Star Wars is a full-time job.” And Bob replies, “Yeah and so is the Dead and Cheese.”

Also last night I was looking for a CD and I started pawing through my CD collection which is unfortunately still displayed in a very college dorm type set up of several boxes side by side in this entertainment cabinet thing that looks nice but is not designed to be especially useful. (I have decided that before my 40th bday I will come up with a more elegant solution.) Anyway, as I start to look I see some goofy Bob book and I’m like, “why is there a book in my area?” and then I see the Sopranos season one box set also crammed down there and then I realize all the boxes are out of order (I put my CDs in general, not militant, alphabetical order but also group by artist so Paul Westerberg solo CDs are grouped together with Replacements in the “R” area; Bob Mould solo CDs are grouped together with a Hüsker Dü under “S” for Sugar {not a completely logical choice to anyone but me.} You get the idea …)

Another part of my “system” is when I take discs out to put in the car I leave the jewel boxes piled in a stack and I notice that the stack has been crammed in with the rest of the CDs.

“REM doesn’t go by Def Leppard,” I said.

Meanwhile, Bob is laughing.

When Debbie cleaned last time I guess she got super organized in a manner which is in conflict with my super organization leading to the above amusing scene.

Last story of today. When we were in Orleans, Fred was talking about living in Corvallis and wondering if this was going to be a good place to meet a future wife and mother of his children and Joey and Curt started in with “whoa, what do you want to do that for?” meaning why would you want to get married when you’re young and can have a good time. I pointed out that Bob liked being married and Joey said, “Bob has it fat. I’d marry a girl too if she let me have my own room.”

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