Not really but I just got back from seeing him tonight at Millenium. (To recap: we’re talking about Paul Westerberg.) IT WAS SO COOL. The thing started at 7pm and I got there a little after 5pm and brought a book and was pretty close to the beginning of the line. I have no idea how many people they fit in that record store — it’s not a huge place but they crammed everyone in and I don’t think anyone got turned away.

I got a great place to stand, I could see him completely from the guitar up — a very rare privilege for a height impaired person like myself. I can barely remember anything that he played — I’m not good at that. He played “I Will Dare”! Other songs I remember: “It’s a Wonderful Lie” and a song from the Singles soundtrack, “Waiting for Somebody,” “Achin’ to Be,” and part of “Skyway” and part of the Portland song. Skyway is one of my favorite songs and he couldn’t remember the words to save his life and it kinda bummed me. He holds up the guitar pick and complains “This is like an angel hair” so they find him a stronger pick and he goes, “Oh, now I’ll remember the words.”

But he looked fabulous: sort of fresh out of the shower rosy and rumpled and he was wearing this goofy suit like leather that looked liked someone spray painted it with gold, and then a pink pin-striped button down shirt with a sweater vest. Not a lot of men can get away with that look. I love him.

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