Magically Delicious

We brought home a couple of bags of Doritos on out last grocery outing (Bob’s idea). This is not something we normally have in the house. We opened the first bag and I devoured about 3/4ths of it before I even sat down to eat dinner. This is why we don’t have this kind of food in the house. The rest of the bag sat there talking to me the rest of the weekend. I’d be sitting here at the computer working on a story I’m writing and I could here those chips talking to me, begging me to eat them. I resisted until Bob opened the bag and then I ate a couple of chips and let him finish the bag. There’s is still one more bag sitting there.

In other news, I’m thinking about doing a full-on facelift on the pampage. I have a bunch of ideas floating around my head (graphical creativity is not my strong suit) and I’ve been marking pages I like to use for ideas. I’d also like to move the blog to the main page and rearrange some stuff and maybe finally take down the whole airline saga — I don’t know. I’m still thinking about it and have like zero free time for a project like that.

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