We’ll Mow Our Own Lawn. Someday.

This afternoon this man knocked on our door and I’m not sure if he was insulting me or trying to help me. (ESL). He did convey that he thought my lawn needed to be mowed and I think he wanted to mow it himself. He was driving a white minivan which was parked in front of our neighbor’s house, door ajar, not quite at the curb as if he’d stopped in a big hurry. I told him my husband was going to do it, even though I don’t think that project is even on the radar at this point, because I wanted him to think that we keep on top of that sort of thing. I’m not clear if I made arrangements for him to return or if I informed we weren’t interested.

Last weekend I watched this movie called The Tao of Steve. I didn’t hate it. It had some funny parts, but the more I thought about it the more problems I thought it had. The protagonist is basically loser guy and gives little indication that he’s going to change, yet we’re supposed to root for him to get the girl. If my friend was dating that guy I’d be begging her to reconsider. Last night I was switching channels on the new a million channel cable and found Bring it On which is a stupid cheerleader movie and we ended up watching the whole thing because it was hilarious.

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