Cable Everywhere

First of all, check out this tug boat getting pulled under a bridge. It’s a little slow loading — but completely worth it.

Yesterday we finally decided to put a second cable box downstairs and AT&T is having a special deal where you can get their super-deluxe-every single channel package at an amazing low price for 6 months and then they brought the second cable box and installed it for free. The AT&T people came over at about 8:20am and at first they didn’t even think they could do it without drilling concrete or something like that but eventually they found a way to do it (it took an hour and 1/2) and the finished scenario involves wires strung all over hellandgone but Bob can watch cable in the basement and that’s all that really matters.

So what’s the first thing we find to watch on the new cable service with everything? A documentary on the Sundance Channel about Linux and open source.

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