I Didn’t Understand

Last night I went to a — I don’t know what you call it — a product demonstration? It was for the release of Flash MX. Just look at these pages, obviously my webpage-making skills are primitive at best and I’d love to learn more about using all the Macromedia stuff but you know, only so much time and energy and I have some other creative things I spend my time on. There was a time when web technology was vaguely in my grasp, but those days are long gone and I spent much of the demo trying very hard to follow the presentation.

During the demo the guy showed all these new features and tools in this latest version and occasionally you’d hear murmurs through the crowd and once people broke into applause.

I told Bob it was like when he took me to a Phish concert. I could tell when something good was happening, but I didn’t really understand what it was.

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