Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Amelie. We’ve been wanting to take Priscilla and it hasn’t worked out so we just went ourselves. It’s a fabulous movie and everyone should see it.

Right before the movie started two women came in and sat in front of us and you can imagine my alarm when they both checked their cellphones and then PUT THEM IN THEIR CUP HOLDERS. No, I am not making this up. I saw one of them fiddle with her phone during the movie but they didn’t take any calls which was a huge relief. I thought they were teenagers but when they left, they looked like fully formed adults. [Rant about cellphones omitted.]

Wasn’t there a time when the movie trailers were aimed at the audience? Like, if you were watching a chick movie, the trailers would be for chick movies. If you were watching a artsy film, the trailers would be for artsy films. Last night the trailers were for some of the dumbest looking movies ever in an era of movies that compete for dumbest status — and not at all aimed at the audience. There was a trailer for the Tim Allen movie and the remake of Rollerball which strikes me as unnecessary and this animated ice-age movie which looks completely dreadful. Where are the good movie trailers?

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