Well, it’s been an interesting week and I seem to be recovering just fine and have repaired some of the loopier blog entries. I’ve also fixed my desktop among other computer light repair needed after my Xmas stunt.

I saw in the paper this morning that Concrete Blonde is on a reunion tour and according to the website have a new cd coming out in January. This is a big surprise and makes me very happy as I saw them whenever possible back 100 years ago when I lived in LA.

I finally get the commentary tracks on DVD. I guess it depends on the movie but I always thought that you’d have to have a lot of time on your hands to be able to sit through that — but if you’re a big fan or the movie and/or director, then the commentary track is a lot of fun. Over the weekend I watched Rushmore with Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman doing the commentary. I’m going to cram in a quick view of Bottle Rocket again and I’ll be all ready for The Royal Tennenbaums. Last night I watched Cameron Crowe and his Mom do the commentary for the director cut of Almost Famous. Excellent. I’m ready for Vanilla Sky now too.

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