Yesterday I was cleaning off my harddrive and I found about 6 various version of Stuffit and related Aladdin software and somehow managed to delete every single thing. Long hassle ensued but I eventually upgraded to the latest version of Stuffit Deluxe and got it loaded up and backed up my computer. Oh, also my Norton doesn’t work since I upgraded my software. And I’m not even to OS X yet. I just upgraded to OS 9.1. I used to be the hip up-to-speed Mac person. Now I’m the one running after the wagon, barefoot, begging everyone to wait for me.

But the big news is that Bob took me to school for the big PMUG “You Don’t Know Mac” contest at Clark. And while we were there, we slipped off to some computer lab with a big projection screen and I got to use my Phantom Menace DVD special feature and download an Attack of the Clones trailer. It made me unspeakably happy. I watched it 3 times.

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