Endless Crab

I always think I’m going to think of something good to say later. HA. This has been a strange week. I have been endlessly crabby so that even I didn’t want to hang out with me. I had one of those weather headaches where it feels like there is a balloon expanding up inside your skull. And all this random frustrating stuff like Merrill Lynch sending me a stupid note with an exclamation point, (it wasn’t the exclamation point itself that pissed me off but we don’t need to hear the whole story now) and getting the car insurance bill and seeing that none of the changes I talked about with the agent were on there. Are there any competent people in the world? I bet there are only like 3 and we can thank them that the world is even standing right now. I woke up feeling better this morning and I’m caught up on all my shows. Ffinished the last tape last night. My reviews: Angel, Buffy, Roswell — fabulous. Simpsons — uneven. Malcom — funniest show ever. XFiles — um, not sure yet. I don’t think that continuing to add more and more characters is going to save the show. I’m thinking that I will be glad to have that hour of my life back.

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