Tour Diary

I keep scribbling out little notes of things I want to blog and then I don’t know where I put them. We saw Douglas Coupland read at Powell’s last week. During the day I decided that I wanted to check out the Tour Diary and just punched in which turns out is some random site that links to this other author — a squatter on his name. I even tried it again to make sure I didn’t screw up. I eventually figured out the other URL and I still haven’t had a chance to read the Tour Diary because it takes about 100 years to download so I’m waiting until I get my DSL which will hopefully be very soon and is a completely different story altogether. Back to DC — at the Q&A or in this case it was an A&Q — I asked DC about it and he was completely unaware and told me he was going to check it out.

The new book is called All Families Are Psychotic and I read the first 60 pages in line waiting to get it signed. I finished it on Friday. It’s over the top and completely funny and, I think, a lot better than Miss Wyoming. FYI — this is the fourth time I’ve seen DC read. A little fixation here.

In other news, I tore out all the tomatoes this weekend, and enjoyed doing it. I picked all the green ones so I’ll be stocked in tomatoes for at least another month. And I’m processing a few for winter. Next year I am sticking to 2 plants and if one ends up to be a cherry tomato, I’m pulling it out.

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