I feel like I’m behind in everything. Maybe I am. Or maybe everything isn’t that important.

My DSL is supposed to go on tomorrow. Except I haven’t gotten my modem yet and I called today and they advised me to call someone else because it should be here right now. I got another call (different person) from Qwest that my ISP isn’t signing up new people or doesn’t recognize them. And I called my new ISP to sign up and there was some sort of hold up and they would call me back in a half hour and never called back. This isn’t looking so good, is it?

Bob found the 9.1 disk so I can update my system now. Better back everything up and disk doctor and that whole tap dance again to be on the safe side. If I can get 9.1 on here and get iTunes and that Gnutella thing figured out and get DSL working all in one weekend I will proclaim myself the technological genius of the century.

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