We watched Pulp Fiction this week — I wanted to see it again because I read this article about some different films and I haven’t seen it for several years and if you haven’t you should go see it again because it’s brilliant and Bob and I have had an extended conversation analyzing it. If forced to chose I’d have to pick Harvey Keitel as my favorite character in the movie.

We got the latest MacMall catalog this week and I noticed that RAM is unspeakably cheap. I thought I might try to max Yoda (266 mhz iMac) out and researched whether I could do the install myself. I found a website (which I neglected to bookmark but something imac2.com or whatever) and it had very wonderful instructions with detailed photos which convinced me I’d better pay someone to do this. I’d probably be more adventurous if I hadn’t had such a bad time replacing the hard drive in Billy’s Compaq piece of crap at the office. (To be truthful, I only partially replaced the item and had to call in a professional to complete the job.)

This weekend I’m going to be as lazy as possible for me and probably start phase one of putting the garden to bed. I’ve just about had enough.

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