Seat of My Pants

I usually like to be a little bit prepared before I start typing the blog but tonight I thought I’d go by the seat of my pants. Not like I’m trying out for the Olympics or anything.

Today we saw Shrek which I thought was hilarious. Yesterday we watched Oscar & Lucinda on tape and I’d advise missing it if you haven’t already. It’s a well made movie and the acting is fabulous but the story had some problems which might work in a book but didn’t work in a movie and I won’t go into the whole thing now. On Friday we saw Planet of the Apes in a theater with me and 50 guys Bob’s age. I LOVED it. I would see it again. I’m not in the mood to explain why I liked it, let’s just say it entertained me and there was fighting and apes and Helena Bonham Carter with the most swell ape-doo you’ve ever seen and Marky Wahlberg dreamy air force guy.

Last week I tried to get all my various emails organized. I finally have a separate email for work: pam(at) and that is aliased to another address (I’m not sure if my terminology is right so bear with me) and then I have my domain and my alias that goes with that and then I have my yahoo mail so all together I have all these addresses I am juggling around and trying to keep all the passwords straight and pay attention to my sig files because last week I wrote an email to the webmaster about the gov’t site I complained about in my last blog post and then realized I had my personal sig file with my blog.html URL right there. How professional. My little struggle with technology.

Oh, also, we just started watching Jiminy Glick. I am not a Martin Short fan but I am telling you, this show is HILARIOUS.

I also finished re-reading Little Friday this weekend which I will write more about later.

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