Hear That Noise?

argh Have you ever had to deal with a government agency? Well, at work I have to do this all the time and based on my experiences I find it hard to believe that this country runs at all. I needed to track down information on this government program which took me *9* contacts — phone calls transferred here and there and then routed to a website and I contacted that person by email who directed me to a different person by email who directed me to another website. Okay, so I have the correct website but gee, NONE of the links work. So I contact the web admin and *get this* I need to UPGRADE my web browser to view the friggin information. Hear that noise? That’s me screaming my head off.

This is a GOVERNMENT agency. Their job is to make this information available. They aren’t trying to sell a Porsche. They’re not Dreamworks. They are a friggin government agency and I should not have to do ANYTHING in order to access this information. And while I’m on the subject I have to say that about 90% of the government websites I visit are ugly, have horrible download times and are often confusing to navigate.

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