Potty Mouth Jar

The person that cleaned our office quit in November, pretty suddenly, because we dared question the quality of her work. In the meantime, we’ve done without cleaning and I’ve emptied the trash and ran the vacuum and scrubbed the toilet bowl now and then.

If finally was getting to me because the office was getting grunge city so I went in on Sunday and did the full monty cleaning pam-style which means I move furniture and everything. I took some cds to listen to, including Limp Bizkit. We have a potty mouth jar — .25 per word and we’re pretty lenient and only charge for sh*t and f#ck and variations. Also, the boss is exempt by his own choice. We still have managed to accumulate over $30 and talk about using the funds for a trip to Disneyland.

Anyway, Fred Durst owes the potty mouth jar about $35 and I intend to collect.

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