He’s No Expert

omigod. I haven’t been here in almost a week. What happened?

It’s not lack of thoughts. I can make an essay out of a library card application.

Yesterday on the radio as I was driving in to work they were talking about 80’s bands which I consider myself to be pretty expert at. The guy was saying this stuff that was DEAD WRONG like David Coverdale used to sing for Rainbow, or possibly DIO. I think the only person that ever sang for Dio was Ronnie James Dio — correct me if I’m wrong. Then he talked about John Waite and mentioned he was in The Babys (which I STILL own on vinyl) and a band called Modern English. doh! Someone called and corrected him. It was Bad English.

So one of the other DJs was just amazed at this guy’s knowledge and he was like, “yeah, I know all about 80’s bands.” In the meantime, I am bursting a blood vessel screaming at the radio because these people are such bucket heads.

I don’t understand this whole morning radio thing. Every single station needs to have their team of “funny” DJs who pull pranks and get people to call in a humiliate themselves or others. When I’m in my car and I’m driving to work, I want to hear traffic reports relevant to me and I want music.

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