Shouting and Arguing

[Expletive] I can’t swear because I’m at work and it costs me a quarter. I just typed a whole huge thing and then resized my window because I can’t friggin scroll and now my words have gone. What a world.

My story was a complaint about how I wanted to go to this lecture at a bookstore and they expected me to pay right this second to reserve my seat and this basically rubbed me the wrong way. It’s not like it’s the Crown Prince of Swaziland giving the lecture. I told them to forget it.

Also some charming guy called the office today to sell us DSL and I explained that with our current setup DSL isn’t going to work and he was like, shouting and arguing with me. He keeps telling me that his tech will come in and install the new modem to our network. I say, “What is it about ‘we don’t have a network’ that you’re not understanding?” “Ma’am,” he shouts, “That’s what I’m telling you. My tech will come in and install it.” His tech is going to install our network? How much you want to bet that his tech gets here and either (a) can’t do it; or (b) can do it but it will cost about a million dollars? I finally told him I was working on a time sensitive project and didn’t have time to argue with him.

I guess I am a little irritable today.

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