Twirling and Shimmying

I could think of a lot more things to say every day before I started the blog. I’m not sure what that means.

Weds was my last belly dancing class and we ended doing this thing where you had to do a solo in front of the class. I was completely mortified. The teacher said she didn’t care what we did, we would just hip bump across the room but all these gals were stopping in the middle of the room and twirling and shimmying. I was thinking of any way to get out of it including taking a 10 minute pee break but they still hadn’t gotten to my turn when I got back so I just did these huge steps across the floor and finished my “solo” in about 6 seconds. Yay me. A night of immense personal growth.

Today something on my work computer melted down and wouldn’t let me get on the web. Every URL I typed in, it said “can’t find that server” and I tried all these tricks and basically my whole computer at work is now screwed up for anything on Netscape. It was totally aggravating and I said the f-word 7 times and now I owe the potty mouth jar $1.75. I couldn’t even pay up because I used all my cash to pay for lunch.

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