Smell Wars!

I don’t think this photo adequately shows how smokey it was in California while we were there. It wasn’t terrible. We have had worse. But there was a haze – it makes the light pretty if you can bring yourself to appreciate such things.

One night we had a Skunk Wars. (Not fire related). Both Bob and woke up to skunk smell. In the morning Mom and Dad said they’d seen the motion lights keep coming on — what was going on? We don’t know. But there was at least one skunk that wasn’t happy.

Later in the trip we had a nice rain storm. The air smelled amazing – sweet, green and clear. You got sorta stoned just breathing it. And the sky was pure blue. It was beautiful.

And we had some major rain on the drive home. As in rain spraying off the highway, white-knuckle driving. I kept saying, “I can do it. I can do it.”

It was so novel it was a treat. Oddly.

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The Eighties

I can’t remember if I already posted about this and I’m too lazy to look.

I found a thread online about modern music that sounds like eighties music. Finally, something for me!

I found some music to download.

And to make you cringe: I burned it to a CD so I could listen to it in my car.

I told Bob I was listening to some music that was recording in this year and he said: what does it sound like.

I said, “Eighties music.”

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Clutter Creep

What is it about clutter? No matter how much you declutter, the clutter finds you. I cleaned out a bunch of stuff but now the laundry room is ground zero for clutter.

For example, you know how you can’t buy small quantities of office supplies anymore? You need to mail off some official forms but you have to buy a pallet of envelopes?

All that stuff is in the laundry room. I’m going to put off decluttering in there for awhile longer.

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DoctorMe or MiDoctor?

Did I tell you about the app I’m developing? It’s a quick and easy way to get cheap medical care.

Hear me out.

These days we watch so much TV and there are so many medical shows. We know more about advanced medical procedures than ever before.

Also, there are endless medical advice websites. And you can learn how to do anything on YouTube.

The way the app works is this. Let’s say you need a pelvic exam. How hard can it be to do a pelvic exam?

You open the app and into the query box type: I need a pelvic exam.

People in your vicinity that have the app will get an alert based upon their self-reported skills and interests.

They will respond by bidding on your procedure. You can sort by location, appointment time and price. Click a button and go get your exam! Or have your examiner come to you. Whatever works best, is cheapest, and gets you the care you need.

I think this is going to change the way America does healthcare.

[Edited to add: I scheduled this post over the weekend. The day after I wrote it I found this article about DIY gynecology.

A collective of radical bio-hackers and TransHackFeminists are out to reclaim gynecological medicine for those women, and for themselves. Under the name GynePunks, they’re assembling an arsenal of open-source tools for DIY diagnosis and first-aid care—centrifuges made from old hard drive motors; microscopes from deconstructed webcams; homemade incubators; and 3D printable speculums.]

[Even more edits added: I guess I should explain myself in case anyone is paying attention. I added the DIY bit just because I’d made a joke about pelvic exams. To clarify, I think a lot of women don’t have access to healthcare and if DIY can help them, terrific.

The app riff is intended to be a comment on the start-up culture bypassing traditional licensing, training and safety measures in the name of providing better, cheaper, more convenient service. (And often, shitty jobs.)

I probably shouldn’t have put both in the same post, but it’s done now.]

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Slow Roasted

I had to do something with the tomatoes I scored so I opted to roast them using this recipe.

You cut the tomatoes in half, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle salt and pepper and herbs and slow roast at 275 for 5 hours. Since my oven is a sentient being with a stubborn streak I kept a close eye on mine and ended up turning the oven to 200 after three hours and then off an hour after that.

The house smelled amazing. At least I thought so. I asked Bob and he said: Smells like tomatoes.

They aren’t kidding about the parchment. I wasn’t very thorough and I had some scrubbing to do around the edges of the pans.

Very delicious. I ate a ton from the tray and now I’m sorta full right before dinner.

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The Tomato Report

Now that the PACNW has been transformed into a new blistering hot paradise, you’d think I would finally have an amazing tomato crop.

But no. I do not. Although that’s mostly my fault since I had illnesses and then back troubles and then had the project of August. Gardening slipped to a super low priority.

The plant above was purchased at the grocery store. It may not be clear but it is only about 18 inches high. It hasn’t grown even a tiny bit. I planted them right when we had that 10 day streak of 90+ temperatures and my plants freaked out.

I bet that single tomato is all I get.

The above is the second plant I got at the grocery store. This one produced a surprise red tomato that I happily picked and then noticed it was completely rotten on the bottom. I thought the grocery store ones were bred so that any doofus with some dirt in her yard could successfully grow tomatoes.

I am either mistaken or worse than a doofus.

This is a volunteer. Sprouted up of its own free will. It has produced two so far and you can see two more on there.

Colleague is going to Hawaii tomorrow. He said he was yanking his plants and composting everything. I said, bring me what you have.

That is 11 pounds of tomatoes. He was going to compost 11 pounds of tomatoes.

I showed those to a lady in the elevator on the way home and she was jealous. I was afraid she might knock me down and steal them for herself.

Tomato processing this weekend.

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Now that the project of August is out in the world, I am catching up on all the people and activities I abandoned while I was working on it. (I will be back to work on finalizing it and abandoning everyone again, very soon.) I made 2 peach & berry pies last weekend for a party. And I made this peach pie today to bring on a visit to my mother-in-law. Fresh fruit pie is my favorite food.

I still haven’t given up on finding my lost wallet items. I’m going to take everything off my computer desk and I still haven’t thoroughly gone through the closet in my writing room. It’s looking hopeless but I don’t want to quit yet.

Have you ever learned something new about something you never thought about? But after you had the new information you couldn’t believe how stupid you were?

I saw a photo last week of a field of sunflowers with all the sunflowers facing the same direction except one. I can’t remember the caption but it inspired me to click around and I learned that sunflowers face east.

My sunflowers always face my kitchen window. It never occurred to me to ponder why they always face the kitchen window. Somewhere in a deep corner of my brain no explanation was needed. They face the direction where I want to look at them. There was never any reason to question that.

The other morning I watched a squirrel dangle off the top of a sunflower and chew a flower off and then crawl up the fence dragging a giant flower.

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Desperate, I Love That Word

A couple of weeks ago I watched Desperately Seeking Susan for the first time in years and years. Back when I was girl, cable TV was the same 7 movies played over and over, sometimes for months, and I’m betting that’s where I saw this first because I know I’ve seen it numerous times.

I learned that this is the 30 year anniversary. (eek!)

First, check out this trailer. Nice voiceover! Trailers have come a long way in 30 years.

Here’s a 30 year anniversary article told in what is called “oral history” and I call: super lazy journalism. It veers into self-importance at times but there are some great tidbits in here. Like the studio saying if you put two women on the poster, people would think it’s a lesbian movie.

I had to laugh at the quote about how those empty alleys that Roberta was running down don’t even exist anymore.

As opposed to all the cities that are EXACTLY THE SAME thirty years later.

I can’t tell if the movie really holds up. It holds up for me. When it came out I was that point transitioning into adulthood and doing a miserable job of figuring out who I wanted to be. I wanted to be confident and daring like Susan. And Roberta, too.

Instead, I was socially inept to the point of stupidity. I rarely took risks and when I did, it was never a soft landing.

I was watching the movie in a particular mindset that is a strong memory.

It’s worth noting that Madonna was at the very first moments of fame here. In the history they say that when they started filming she was unknown and by the end they had to hire security. Now, it’s hard to remember a world where Madonna wasn’t famous.

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