Vanity, Insecurity

When I was a teenager I chipped one of my front teeth gnawing on a pull top from an aluminum can. I have no idea why I had it in my mouth. Why do we do anything when we’re teenagers? It got it fixed and at least one other time the chip re-chipped and I had to get it fixed.

Just recently I chipped my front teeth again. Not the precise same chip but part of it. I was a little snaggle-toothed. I don’t think it was really noticeable but I wanted to get it fixed so I asked the dentist and for once asked what it was going to cost before I did anything. And it wasn’t expensive so I had it fixed last week.

The end result is lovely. My smooth, pretty front teeth.

But the procedure was incredibly awful. Imagine a sand-grinder against your two front teeth and then sandpaper floss between your teeth. I’m shuddering just thinking about it. Luckily it didn’t take too long.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Every year at this time I am amazed that we’re doing this all again. The world is going to be ruined for the next month.

Have you ever had it happen where you have a quick errand, maybe you need to run to the hardware store or grab something at a big box store? Then you realize it’s 3pm on a Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the worst thing you could do is try to run a quick errand?

I always plan everything by when the store opens. If it opens at 10am, I will be there at 10:01am and out of there by 10:30am. I expect my intense dislike of anything crowded (except Timbers games) is well known to anyone who has read more than 3 of my posts. Maybe other people don’t think the world is ruined for the month of December.

It’s a cliche about how everything starts earlier and earlier. But it feels like it’s true. Christmas music before Thanksgiving? I had to reprogram my car radio because I don’t want to hear any Christmas music for at least 2 more weeks.

I had to go to the mall to take care of a few things so I went on Friday realizing it was the last weekend before insanity. Santa was there. Everything was in full swing. Before Thanksgiving.

I do not approve.

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This is from a comic book I found in Montreal in this weird book sale in a church. We actually went in there to use the bathroom but we ended up digging around and we both found something.

I wanted to scan and then write my own dialogue but I’m having trouble making the scanner do what I want at the moment. Every time there is a major OS change all my peripherals go to hell because no one will support them for the new operating system. The world would end if we didn’t throw away all our perfectly workable stuff and buy new stuff every three years.

Right now I’m using a work around but I’m having a few challenges. Who knows if I will revisit it.

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Fall TV

I tried adding a few new shows to see whether I liked them. But then everything started when I was in Germany so when I came home I was already several shows behind. I tried one episode of Flash and thought it was terrible. I missed the pilot for How To Get Away with Murder but I watched half of the second episode and deleted it. I thought about that show with David Tennant called Grace Point that was a UK series called Broadchurch but I feel like I’ve seen enough gloomy detective shows about a small town murder so I didn’t even try that one. I tried Scorpion but I didn’t like any of the characters. Bob says Jane the Virgin is really good so I’ll see if I can catch up during the holidays.

I always find shows I think are decent but it’s been awhile since I found a show that I want to make time for. Did I already tell you I gave up on Sons of Anarchy? It’s always been a tough show but this season felt like it was just an excuse to kill people in terrible ways. Colleague updates me after each episode to tell me who else is dead.

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Mr. Sunshine

You can see I’m already running out of steam. But I’m going to type words and press publish every day this month like it or not.

This is Shy Boy, the cat that lives with my parents. This is his happy face. He wants to come in and rub cat hair all over me and sit on me in the exact spot where I want to put my book or magazine or laptop.

I don’t understand why man hasn’t turned to cats as a food source instead of making them pets.

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An Innovation Company

Every once in awhile I will be interested in more information about a company. Maybe for work, maybe personal. Maybe just curiosity.

And sometimes I run across these websites where I want to send them a note to tell them how worthless their site is.

I want to say that I suspect for some companies that is the strategy but why have a website that reveals absolutely nothing about you?

It will be filled with generic stock photos of multi-cultural people who look thrilled to be watching a power point or handing pieces of paper to one another. And then the copy will say: Super Systems International: An Innovation Company.

What does that mean?

Huh. Well if you put “an innovation company” into a search engine all kinds of stuff comes up. So I guess it does mean something. But sometimes the copy says other things like: “Established Leaders in Industry” or “Cutting Edge of Fresh Solutions.” My point is you can’t tell what the company does by looking at the website.

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Not While I’m Standing on My Porch

Did I already write about this?

Awhile back I had this weird situation with someone cold-calling at the office. As in coming into my office to sell me something. Later I was buying something at a local store and visiting with the store owner and when he asked how my day was going, I told him about this creepy salesman at my office.

He said: all salesmen are creepy.

Then he went on to tell me about the people who come into his shop to sell him things and how problematic the entire situation is – that you’re being asked to discuss this while you’re working in your store.

Later Bob and I continued the conversation and Bob said, or make a decision while you’re standing on your porch.

I thought I could make this more interesting but that’s all I have.

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Clear Creek

This is nature people. Can you see those fish hanging out in the pool? They are headed upstream where they are going to spawn and die. There were some dead fish in there already but I didn’t get them in the photo.

Does anyone else think cookbooks are getting out of control? Every time I log into my food site or the NYT food section it seems like they are reviewing a stack of giant cookbooks. A celebrity chef. A food blogger. Some random celebrity. Some random theme. A whole giant cookbook about fennel or Van Nuys regional cuisine or paring knife cookery.

People must be buying them because they are churned out so fast. But it would seem hard to profit on a giant book filled with glossy photos. What do I know? I’m trying to be a new cookbook free zone because I already have some nice fatties that I haven’t used nearly enough. But every once in awhile I’m tempted.

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Who Likes to Go to The River?

This dog looks like a lunatic.

So confession: I scheduled the first 15 posts during Halloween weekend because I knew not only that I wouldn’t haven’t time during the first half of the month but I wouldn’t have Internet service for a number of days. I went to Orleans last weekend to visit my folks.

(It’s November, I’m doing a post a day. I do it every year. I can’t find a link but it’s a thing, or it used to be back before everyone gave up blogging.)

In addition, at the last minute I decided to do NaNoWriMo but I’m only doing 40K words this month, because I’m not crazy.

So basically I keep complaining that I’m too busy and can’t get anything done while signing myself up for things that have no consequences if I fail but I will run myself into the ground making sure I accomplish those goals.

There is a lesson in there somewhere.

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Hobo Soup

A phoned-in post to get me to the hump: I remember when I was in Girl Scouts we made this thing called Hobo Soup at our camp out. Every girl brought a can of soup and we dumped them into the same pot.

Doesn’t that sound like barf soup?

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