Tired Button

Remember the story about the dead tree planted outside my building? Here it is.

I started this post last night and I’m not sure what happened but I went from tired to dead-on-my-feet in about 5 minutes. I saved the post to draft and got ready for bed and figured I’d read until 9pm. I don’t like to go to bed earlier than 9 because that’s for babies and it also seems to upset whatever fragile sleep rhythm I have.

I was reading a story that took more than 2 brain cells firing against each other so I had to give up. Instead I picked up a romance novel that doesn’t need more than 2 brain cells firing against each other and I couldn’t concentrate on that either.

Bob said the last thing he heard me say was, “I can’t make it until 9.”

Here’s a close up of the dead leaves.

Then I woke up at 11:30p which usually means that I’m doomed. I was thirsty and had to get up. But I guess I fell back to sleep because the next time I woke up it was 6:30am. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Here are the new trees planted across from the bus stop. Since it was hard to see, I helpfully tried to highlight them, and then, still not trusting the viewer, I used the big glowy arrows. Maybe I should go back and type “tree” on there, too.

I think my hit youtube series would be to record me going through my tortured Photoshop steps to do the most simple things. Photoshop teachers could use my videos as tips to avoid and the people who work at the Photoshop factory could watch my videos in the lunchroom and laugh their faces off.

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Little Green Tidbits

Last weekend I cleared out the front flower bed in honor of the bulbs. There’s already a cat turd right in the middle of the cleared out spot. Delightful animals!

But also these cute green little bits pushing their way out.

I have an old email address (since 2004) with a sorta cartoony name and over Christmas someone started using it to sign up for various social media. I’m assuming this person is doing so mistakenly. Out of curiosity I put the name into a search engine and every hit on the first page was something inappropriate and included the words: hot teen.

How does this happen to me?

I ignored the first round but there was a second attempt to confirm an Instagram account. The confirmation email says click here if this isn’t you. I clicked here and went to a page that said: invalid URL. Now that I had committed to caring about this I went to the support page where it said I could report a feature that wasn’t working, except there was no place to report anything. It was just menus with examples of problems a user could have none of them having to do with a random hot “teen” who doesn’t know her own damn email address.

That was the end of my good citizen attempt to fix. It’s hard to be optimistic that this is over.

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Downtown Trees

There’s tree planter on our office block. Someone ran into the tree at some point and they had to take it out. Since then they’ve planted two trees that both looked dead the minute they put them in the ground. The one in there now looks dead. I’ll try to take a picture of it this week.

I asked Colleague: Why do they keep planting dead trees?

I’m sure there’s method to the trees downtown.

When we got back from winter break I was standing at the bus stop, looking at the same view I see every single day. And something was missing.

This was the after view, taken as a square photo when I didn’t know that my phone had a square photo setting. I also manage to pictures up my nostrils because I mess up the settings.

Two of the trees bit it during the ice storm. I admired those trees a lot since I stand there so often. I hope the city plants news ones soon. And I hope the new ones stay alive.

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The Potato Portal Is Real

After threatening to go out and work in the yard for months but never actually doing it, I managed to put in a couple hours this weekend.

I cut back all kinds of dead stalks. I raked up a bunch of stuff on the garden plot that wasn’t going to compost and look what rolled out.

A potato.

It’s like they’re just messing with me.

I hope that long after I’m gone that patch of land is known for bubbling up with potatoes from nowhere.

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Apples and Chard. In A Pie. Together.

In keeping with the theme for 2016, I tried a completely new recipe, like nothing I have ever tried before.

A friend of a friend gave me a recipe for a sour cream pie crust (this one is close and I’ve had it waiting until I was in the mood to make a savory pie.

Link to pie recipe.

The author set out to make it a dessert pie. We are not savory dessert people in this house so I made it with the idea that it would be more of a main meal dish. I had no idea what to expect and I loved it. My husband liked it more than I did. He came home late the night I made it and crawled into bed and whispered: I love that pie. I’m going to have more tomorrow.

The recipe calls for soaking raisins in rum and I didn’t think we had any rum so I bought the smallest cheapest bottle I could find. When I got home I found two other bottles of rum. It was time to clean out our booze cupboard. For people who don’t drink a lot of booze we have a lot in our booze cupboard although I think most of it is vintage. We have two giant bottles of orange curacao. Handy!

In other news, I finished the giant purge of my electronic photos. Now, instead of 7,000 pumpkin photos, I only have about 700. I hope I never regret that.

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Ice Storm

I didn’t realize that my phone has a “square” setting and somehow I was taking square photos. I’m finally working on the tutorial book to go with my phone. I’m on page 42 of 121. My goal is to finish before the next ios comes out.

I had a little bit of extra time off during the holidays. The day before I was supposed to go back to work we had some snow. It was nothing to get excited about but more than was expected. Enough to be slippery on an incline but not enough to be dangerous.

Except overnight we had freezing rain.

Normally we would have worked from home except we’d been off from work and we were anxious to get back in because there were things to do. (‘We’ in this instance is Colleague and I.)

I decided to go in a couple of hours late. By daylight the temperature was slightly above freezing and people were getting around.

My car was so icy I couldn’t even get the door open. [Although later it turned out that I did manage to get it ajar and the battery died so we had to jump it that night.]

This was the last ice tidbit along the front walk a week after the snow.

No big deal. There are 2 neighborhood buses that would take me to the local transit center where I could catch an express bus downtown. I feel like taking public transportation should be a required class in school (where applicable). Once you’re used to using it, it’s second nature.

I bundled up and slip and slided down our street. Even big 4×4 trucks were skidding a little. Once I reached the first semi-arterial there were smaller cars getting along fine. The sidewalk was still icy and I was waddling. I saw the bus I wanted and it was only a half block away.

I waved and waddled but couldn’t move fast enough. This particular bus only comes every 50 minutes (I know.)

Luckily, I knew where the other bus stop was and waddled down to Main Street and caught that bus to the transit center and made it to the office about 2 hours late. Colleague couldn’t get out of his driveway and also had to take the bus.

By the end of the work day everything was nearing normal although it iced over a bit the next night and I had a THRILLING! drive to the park-n-ride.

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The Crunchy Tooth Surprise Surprise

It turns out I didn’t break a crown. I broke a tooth. I don’t even understand what’s what in my own mouth.

The broken tooth didn’t hurt at all. Not with hot food. Not with cold food. Not with crunchy food. I wasn’t too concerned other than for my wallet.

I severely underestimated what was going on with this tooth.

I went to the dentist yesterday and yikes. The fracture was below the gum line. The fracture point was super sensitive and it took a few tries to get everything numb enough to grind it down to a nubbin. I was fairly distressed by the time we finished with the procedure.

It’s okay today. I have one of those funny temporaries right now. Historically I always lose the temporary in the first few days. We’ll see how I do this time. The instructions say not to worry if I swallow it. I’m going to worry if I swallow it.

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Winter Garden

This is what the garden plot looks like at the moment. It’s hard to tell from the photo but there are TONS of tomatillos composting there. That plant will never go extinct in my yard. I just cut out a recipe that uses tomatillos and I guarantee that I will not remember it at the end of next summer.

I keep telling myself I’m going to get out there and do some tidying up but whenever I have time or I’m in the mood, it’s raining or worse. When it’s decent enough to get some work done either I have something else I need to do or I would rather sit in the house and drink hot chocolate.

On Saturday there was a lovely sun break but by the time I was ready to change into my work clothes it was pouring again.

This is out in the middle of the berry patch. I’m not sure who Jamie is — maybe a grandkid from next door.

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The January Crunchy Tooth Surprise

It wasn’t a resolution or even a firm goal but I said I was going try to get my cooking mojo back and try new recipes now and then. I’m not sure how far I’m going to get with this since the problem is putting food on the table after a long day and my long days aren’t going to change.

But I have tried a few new things already. My most successful recipe was Pasta e Ceci (this isn’t the recipe I used but you get the idea) – pasta and garbanzo beans. The recipe was one of those “have dinner on the table in 30 minutes” tall tales and called for canned beans but I had a ton of dried sitting around so I used those instead. But even subtracting that, it took me significantly more than 30 minutes to get this dinner ready.

But we liked it and it made a ton so we had leftovers. I’d try it again.

I also made a red cabbage recipe that our family has at Christmas and I’ve never made myself. So, two recipes so far.

While I was eating my pasta I had a weird sensation biting down followed by a big crunch chunk in my mouth. I broke a crown. First trip to the dentist in 2016.

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This Goofball is Rue

Rue is a weird dog. I’m a dog person but every time Rue sees me she makes this pitiful sound that’s a cross between a yodel and a bark. Why doesn’t she run up to me to get her ears scratched?

When we went over to the house we had Shadow with us (see the arrow?) and Shadow is my friend so Rue decided I was okay this time. She kept running up to me to get her ears scratched and her tummy rubbed like a normal dog. She was very sweet but I want her to be my friend all the time.

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