Deer are Jerks

Here is a giant deer helping itself to my peas.

Honestly, it can have the peas if it leaves the trees alone.

I didn’t even notice the deer had been out there at first. There no turds and I didn’t notice giant divots everywhere from their delicate yet lethal cloven hooves.

Then when I saw the clips, I thought: well, at least they got the memo about not turding all over the place.

But later when I was watering I found turds all around the dahlias.

I am not honored to be the safe place for the deer to poop.

Here are two of them fully enjoying my new plum tree! I can’t even watch the whole video. This was very upsetting. They chewed on the nectaplum, too and a little bit on the apple tree including knocking one of the 7 apples I have left after their apple blossom massacre.

What can you do! Nature! I have “learn about deer fencing” still on my list but it just seems like a pain in the butt. We have to move it to mow and do yard work. Or maybe there’s a way I can just protect the trees? The people at the garden store are incredibly nice so I will ask them but also this is one of the things on my list that I never seem to be in the mood to deal with. Watching the deer ruin the trees is the price I pay.

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