Jelly Belly

This is my single blooming daffodil — all by itself, shivering out there among the birdfeeders.

I have this vague memory of being in a store I don’t normally go to and them having almost a half-aisle of Jelly Belly varieties. I remember thinking: I need to come back here when I have more time to pick out my favorites. I haven’t had Jelly Bellies (Is the correct plural Jelly Bellies?) in a long time. Is it weird I think of them as “healthy” candy?

But later, I tried to remember where this was. What is a store I don’t normally go to that I’ve been to lately? I can’t think of it. Or logically: what kind of store would have so many Jelly Bellies? I don’t know.

Did I dream about an aisle of Jelly Belly candy? If so, what a strange, random dream.

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