I bought a new strap for my trail cam. Actually, I bought 4 straps because you can’t just buy one.

Now that the camera is properly strapped up, it’s catching the backyard scene again. Looks like opossum has moved back in under the shed. I have the opening covered but there’s a gap and apparently it’s just enough for it to get in and set up a happy home.

Bunny hops through almost every morning. I often see one or sometimes two bunnies in my or the neighbor’s yard when I take off for work in the morning.

Raccoons regularly coming through, too. I haven’t caught a skunk on camera for awhile. The deer don’t seem to have me on regular rotation.

There was lovely weather early last weekend which would have been a great time to do the annual roses prune plus I was going to do a little clipping on the blue berries plus the raspberry patch needs some TLC. But I missed my window and when I finally had a moment, it was too cold and damp out there. The forecast doesn’t look too promising.

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