Actual image from accident. (Generated with AI ∙ January 26, 2024 at 11:57 AM)

This week my bus was in a 5 vehicle accident on the bridge.

This is my fourth time being in an accident on public transport.

Once, a truck tried to beat the lightrail. The truck lost. Bigly.

Two times there were merge incidents. State law: yield to the bus. Plus, it’s bigger than you are. (2010 merge incident.)

This time I didn’t see what happened. It seems like there was another collision on the bridge and we got caught up in the slow down.

We were all fine but if there’s an accident on public transportation the first thing that happens is the driver calls a supervisor to come check things out. In this case, we also had to wait for State Patrol to do their thing. We got off the bridge and pulled over to the side. I got home over an hour late.

Also actual image. (Generated with AI ∙ January 26, 2024 at 11:57 AM)

When we started braking hard I braced myself against the seat in front of me and after impact my wrist started hurting and I would die of embarrassment reporting my wrist booboo. Hilariously, (not really) during one of the merge incidents the driver had to brake hard and I was in a side facing seat and fell down and caught myself with one hand and my wrist hurt.

It stopped hurting and there was no damage and I didn’t have to tell anyone.

As I’m writing this I just remembered another single vehicle incident where the bus hit something on a different bridge and tore back some of the quarter panel. We had to wait and get on another bus and it was super crowded and I got home late.

But no one was hurt which is always the best outcome.

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