Time Keeping

I’m not retiring yet and I can’t actually see it on the horizon, but I know it is coming up.

Every month I try to purge or archive things a few things at the office. We have been in this office in 2008 and I have worked with colleague since 1999.

According to my little “this is your life” cheatsheet – I did my paralegal training in 1991 and started my first legal job in 1992. I’m overwhelmed by how much time has gone but but I guess the real attitude should be proud of all the things I’ve worked on in the last 30+ years.

I found that I have saved all my calendars going back to 1995. 1995!

My calendars are older than our law clerk. My relationship with my colleague is as old as our law clerk. She found a photo of herself as a baby on Halloween 1999 being bounced around by our boss. We started working together the next day.

Sometimes we lament getting old but it’s also fun to have all these experiences to look back on.

But back to the calendars that I forgot were even there: there’s no need to keep them but it feels weird to throw them away.

There must be a word for this is some other culture: not wanting to throw away old things even though they don’t do anything. Or maybe there is a word in our language: hoarding?

But it’s not really hoarding because I get rid of tons of stuff. I had the honor of showing our law clerk what a zip drive disk is because I found one in an ancient file. Then I tossed it.

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