Like Christmas!

Bob bought this fruit spread. One of the flavors is Christmas!

My Tante Irmgard lived in a very small apartment in a high rise in Germany. Once, when we were visiting, her balcony was closed due to renovations. During our visit the balcony was opened again and Irmgard opened the door to the balcony and was so happy she said, “It’s like Christmas!”

I am having a really hard time getting into the spirit. Just feel like I never have time or energy.

Also, there was an issue with my credit card and I was issued a new one and you know what that means. All my millions of autopay things pop up with a nasti-gram telling me my payment didn’t go through. Always at an awkward time, too. Like you’re just trying to get one thing done and then you have to run the gauntlet of clicking and menus and hoop jumping.

After this week I have some time off. We’ll work on the attitude then.

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