Yoda Cheddar Fish

I love cheddar fish but also don’t buy cheddar fish except on road trips because they are too easy to mindlessly eat.

Not long ago I had a gift card and decided to buy a dress. I don’t have to dress up very often and I tend to wear the same dress for every thing. My mom refers to this type of dress as a “function dress.”

I haven’t bought a function dress in a long time and since retail has been ruined, (I don’t think I will ever be over it) I was looking online.

What’s the worst part about any clothing shopping? Figuring out your size. I have even bought the same brand and the same style of clothing and when I got it, the thing didn’t fit.

So for this particular shop, I clicked on the size chart and it told me to list sizes and the labels on the dresses I already own.

How many dresses do people have?

I guess this sizing chart isn’t for people who wear the same function dress to everything for years on end.

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