Random Round-Up

This is from a slide that I scanned from the family archives. I have no idea who or what this is. The note says 1972 and it’s in the batch with photos from the Grand Canyon. I like to think this is Carl, a tour guide, who has spent years around the Arizona desert and loves to tell people about the Grand Canyon.

I don’t get pepper. I have never tasted anything and thought, “This needs more pepper.” I don’t dislike pepper and when the person at the restaurant with the 4-foot long pepper mill comes by and asks if I want a little pepper on my salad or my pasta, I always give an enthusiastic, “Yes, I do.”

And if I bite down on a big nugget of barely cracked peppercorn, I know that it’s pepper. But otherwise, I don’t notice pepper.

There was a New Yorker article a couple weeks ago that described a woman as “having a frazzled aspect.” That is a great description that could apply to me. But also the article was arguably biased against this individual so it wasn’t very generous.

The New Yorker also had an article about Michael A. Cummings who is an amazing quilting artist. I love seeing cool quilting art. Last time I was at the Clark County Fair I talked to one of the artists — I wish I could remember her name. Sewing is a skill I still would like to learn and I would love to try some quilting. Not sure how that’s going to work since I also still want to write books and work on drawing. Better to want to do too much than to wither away on the couch.

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