Los Angeles, part 3

One of the get togethers with the wedding couple took place at the Getty. (I just typo’d that “the Garry” and was tempted to leave it.)

This is this a beautiful setting in LA. I don’t know what you would call the area — Getty hill.

You park in a structure and then take a little tram up the hill.

Look at this view. You can see all around from the ocean and if you could move around to the left: Century City, downtown. Probably other landmarks that I don’t recognize or no longer know the name of.

The museum seems fantastic, too, but we were so busy visiting with everyone that we never managed to get in there. I do have regrets about this but now we have an excuse for another visit.

I wish I had some good wedding photos but ours were weak and my pleading with friends to share has so far not produced too many. Trust me, it was a good party.

Here are Bob and I up at City Walk with King Kong.

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