Los Angeles, Part 2

Our hotel in LA was right next to the LA River.

Don’t you love it? I remember LA got a lot of heavy rains sometime this year and I was curious what it was like out there.

We did another thing I never thought I’d do: take an underground in LA.

I don’t know how long it’s been running but all the cars look like they were shipped in from Used and Beat Up Metro Cars, Inc. As soon as you get on the announcement says not to take out any money or valuables and to call the police if anything happens. Then they give the number.

There was a police presence around the metro station as well and I did not feel unsafe.

We exited at Hollywood and Highland which is where my workplace was way back in the late 80s. Hollywood is not any more glamorous than it was back then but some of the seedier tableaus aren’t that far off from what I’ve seen in downtown Portland lately which is super sad to say. We walked around the old office building which is behind razor wire and the front door and loading dock were all bricked up.

We hopped on a bus and went to the Academy Museum where we saw a terrific exhibit about John Waters and Sophia Coppola doing a signing for her book.

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