Destruction Deerby Continues

Stomping in the garden with their big cloven feet.

I can’t remember the exact chronology. I caught the deer in the garden at the beginning of June.

I eventually realized they were very destructive to the plants and also getting into the bird feeder.

Poop machines! Three visitors and three piles of pooplets.

I bought some deer repellant, which was successful.

I also bought a motion-controlled sprinkler. I had some trouble setting it up at first.

Pumpkins are for me and my human friends. All other pumpkin eating is VERBOTEN!

Since I set it up, the trail cam is mostly dead. The sprinkler scared everyone off.

And I’m not too broken up about it because it felt like everyone was getting too comfortable out there. I don’t mind a thirsty raccoon or some cute bunnies hopping through. But the skunk under the shed did not seem ideal.

I had the brilliant idea to put the camera out front, curious what I might catch out there.

I caught a leafy branch. 408 clips in one night. I have not tried that again.

Then I got lazy and didn’t put the sprinkler up for a few days and the majestic beasts returned. My tomatoes!

I am setting the sprinkler up every night and moving it around the yard.

Also if you’re keeping track, no more mice. No sign in the house or in the shop for a couple of weeks. Traps are still set.

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