Bad Dreams Delivered

If you have sharp eyes you can spot all three of my beautiful destroyers. I’ll post some photos tomorrow. I wasn’t enabling the motion controlled sprinkler every night and they seem to show up on the one night I’m too lazy to set it up.

A couple of weeks ago I listened to a podcast about dreaming and remembering your dreams.

When I was younger I was really into this and wrote down all my dreams and read books about dream analysis.

I stopped doing it a long time ago and I hardly remember my dreams anymore.

But the podcast inspired me so I prompted myself as I was going to bed: I will remember my dreams.

I remembered 3 out of 4 nights and they were all bad dreams! In one, I lived at the house I grew up in and there were random strangers, a car, a dog, and goth girls in the pool. Another night was a post-apocalyptic thing where I was living with some random strangers and wishing I had friends. In the third, some dead-eyed sketchy people drove up on the lawn and said we owed them money.

That’s enough dream remembering for me.

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