That One Bike

The garden plot fresh after rototilling in April.

Shortly after I graduated from college I lived in L.A. and I joined a gym.

I can’t remember if the gym had separate workout areas for men and women or if there was a private area for women. I warmed up in a small area with only women. There were about a half dozen stationary bikes.

The garden today. It is so out of control. I like to let it do its thing and see what happens but I think what is happening is that the pumpkins (all volunteers) have taken over and all the other stuff is hanging on for dear life.

I’m warming up. I doubt I sat on there for very long and this lady comes up and asks me how long until I’m finished.

Every other stationary bike was free.

I asked why she couldn’t use another bike and she said she wanted that one because it was under a fan.

Also lots of potatoes out there. Every time I end up with an old moldy potato, I bury it out in the garden. Apparently that happened a lot. The plants are crowding out the tomatoes. I hate pulling plants. I did whack back some of the pumpkins last weekend.

At first I considered swapping to another bike because I didn’t care. But why can’t she use a different bike? I was already working out. Buck up lady.

I took longer on purpose.

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