Beautiful Monsters

Look at Sybil’s beautiful apple blossoms.

The tree is now four years old and last year we had nice handful of apples to enjoy.

Check out these monsters going to town on our cute little tree! One night they were out there chomping away for over ten minutes.

Deer sightings in the yard were rare but for a brief spell they were happening every night.

I love the deer and wildlife in the yard but eating my apple tree is too much.

I bought some deer repellant which I thought would be a joke but bought anyway because: desperation. I also bought a motion controlled sprinkler.

I sprayed the tree, tomatoes, and roses the minute I got home. I also set up the sprinkler but it didn’t work right out of the box and my initial attempts at troubleshooting didn’t get far.

I have a youtube clip bookmarked and intend to give it another try.

Meanwhile: the spray seems to have worked. These two wandered around for a minute, took some unsatisfied nibbles and then left. I don’t think they’ve been back.

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