Friends, it has been a journey.

On the one hand, I had a hairy and soul-shredding aging parent situation.

Things aren’t perfect, as you would expect, but things are stable and less stressful. For now.

On the other hand, this website had been breaking behind the scenes and I knew about it but mostly ignored it. Sometimes I would log in and click around and then contact support and then pull my hair out and then go back to ignoring it.

But then it got to the point where it couldn’t be ignored and was way beyond my skill set. I contacted support some more.

Imagine if someone contacted me and said: You’re good at making apple pie. Can you help me make an apple pie?

And I said: Here are a bunch of recipes.

And they said: But I’m having trouble with the crust. I can’t make it work. Can you help me out?

And I said: Here are a bunch of recipes.

That’s more or less what support is like.

Bob got me in touch with a former colleague: St. Fellene of WordPress Studies and we have been clicking and updating and deleting and databasing and she has helped me get this thing working again. Hallelujah!

I have some ancient drafted posts sitting here that I will roll out and hopefully I will get back to regular posting 1-2x per week.

Happy Spring!

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