Too Smart

The little monster in the back has torn a chunk of insulation off our A/C unit and is now wrestling with it.

I recently ran across an article about raccoons — they are smart and learn quick.

There was a study in Wyoming, Wyoming Raccoon Project — Animal Behavior & Cognition Lab where they trapped wild raccoons (And skunks! If they were in this area they would certainly have used my backyard in their study).

Raccoons have adapted well to humans and do fine in an urban environment.

I encourage you to visit the website. There are photos of groggy raccoons and their names. Molasses is particularly cute.

“Molasses was captured in the backyard of a Laramie resident. She is the oldest raccoon we have captured to date! We can age raccoons by the amount of wear on their teeth, and Molasses had very worn teeth. Not to worry- she also had swollen teats which indicates that she bred that summer, so she’s still fit enough to produce offspring!”

I think I’ve said it before but I don’t feed the raccoons. I only put out the water bucket and even that sometimes seems like too much.

My big observation from the trail cam is that our lawn is a delight of earthworms. They walk back and forth pouncing on it which must be the secret to finding the yummiest worms.

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