This didn’t photograph as well as I’d hoped.

I love how new notebooks are all smooth and flat (pile on the right). Then after you’d filled a bunch of pages they get puffy (pile on the left).

I have lots of these notebooks. Notes for writing or writing exercises or if I take a class or meet with other writers.

The smaller one I use intermittently for planning my day. I usually will go a string of days where it goes really well and then there will be a page where I write things like “off the rails” “who knows?” “total disaster.”

Even though I have a bunch of new notebooks waiting to be used, I can never resist buying new notebooks. Every year when school supplies are out I grab a few. This year I was certain I had resisted the impulse for awhile and was finally running low.

I got home and when I went to put them away I found I was not running low. Not even close.

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