New Critter Alert

One morning I ran into the kitchen to do a step on my bread and I saw 2 deer in my backyard.


I froze and then moved as smoothly as possible, tiptoeing to grab my phone from my desk. I was afraid motion from the house might scare them off. Sometimes the birds fly away if we’re moving around in the kitchen.

They noodled around out there for almost a half hour — nibbling apple peelings from where I “composted” them in the middle of the garden. They sniffed around the bird feeders.

Then they started chewing on the apple tree.

I don’t care how cute you are or how beautiful your brown eyes are: don’t chew on my apple tree.

I ran out in the yard.

And they stood there and stared at me. They did not flee the yard.

They did stop eating the apple tree.

They finally jumped in the yard next door to nuzzle the fig tree before eventually moving on.

My yard is magical.

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