Downtown Friends

Why yes, this photo was taken in Portland, Or.

We’ve had a shredding service at the office for a number of years.

At some point during The Plague the shredding company stopped making pick-ups but still billed us.

I probably wrote about this before since it was a giant pain in my boodeenie and caused me endless amounts of rage.

The only way to deal with customer service was to call and the wait times were usually close to an hour. Then the person who answered would pull up your account and try to argue with you that a pick-up occurred. The call center seemed to be located on another continent and nothing like someone on another continent trying to tell you that you had a shredding pick up when you spent the entire day in the office so you wouldn’t miss the pick up and get billed for nothing.

They never offered to reschedule the pick up.

They would credit you. Then maybe the next pick up would show up and you’d think the problem was solved. Until it happened all over again.

The bill wasn’t that much so sometimes I would decide it wasn’t worth my time and energy to call and get credited.

Eventually I cancelled the service and of course then they got a retention person on the phone to find out if there was anything they could do to get me to change my mind.

(Yes, I actually said this.) “Invent a time machine and go back in time and make the pick ups that you billed me for.”

For some reason this banner is still up for the championship match back in December that I am still salty about.

This is a very long prologue to a story about our regular driver from the shredding company who I chit-chatted with whenever he was the pick up driver.

I ran inhto him when I was out and about downtown and he recognized me and asked me if we cancelled. He was always super nice and friendly and clearly as nothing to do with the administrative side. He said a lot of the every-other month customers said their pick-ups were dropped.

We have a new company. They cost more but I don’t care because they are locally owned and they show up when they say they will.

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