The End of the Season

I brought a bucket of apples from Orleans and spent almost a whole day processing them into applesauce and apple pie filling. I baked a pie that day and I put another batch of prepared filling into the freezer.

Because it’s so dry the apples were dry and weak tasting. I solved this problem by adding apple juice to the cooking apples and a few tablespoons into my pie filling.

I forgot to take a picture of my applesauce and the pie. We netted one giant bowl of applesauce to eat now and a couple of containers for the freezer.

When I slice apples all afternoon like that, I feel it in my hands and wrists afterward.

This was the entire pumpkin crop this year. Disappointing, huh?

I still have a ton of pumpkin in the freezer but I will probably buy a fresh one for my holiday pies.

Normally for November I post every day and I do some sort of National Novel Writing Month goal however things are going to remain busy for the foreseeable future.

At the moment my intention is a small NaNo goal and at least post a photo a day for November. We shall see.

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