Friends With Gravel

When we bought this house, this circle of weeds and gravel was advertised as RV parking.

I’m pretty sure we couldn’t get away with that today especially since the driveway behind us is private. How would you get the RV in there? I imagine as long as you have a good relationship with your neighbor it’s doable but still.

I have long planned to turn the gravel into an area for planting. About 5 years ago I spent 2 hours sifting and gave up.

But I was inspired this year by an article about this small city property with lots of fruit trees and bushes and I re-applied myself.

That’s as far as I got–that “where the bodies are buried” little area–working really hard over a period of a couple of weeks. I thought it would go faster.

I was tossing the gravel in the front on the parking strip and Bob thought I was so clever moving the gravel. I didn’t know where else to get rid of it.

This used to be a rhodie and a hedge. The rhodie gave up life all of a sudden and I had the hedge pulled out and it’s been empty ever since. This was also a rehab project because the soil was a mass of roots.

But also neglected year after year. I had tomatoes and some volunteer annuals in there. Those little bits of plants are the pulled up tomatoes.

I was attempting to dig up some of the lawn and make the plant bed bigger but it was tough going and I ran out of time due to all the other zillion projects in my life.

Next year!

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