Old Dogs, New Tricks

Bob and I went to Atlanta for a long weekend that turned out to be super fun and a great way to end the summer.

But it was a long day of travel and when we got home we were tired and trying to organize laundry and prioritize chores and responsibilities. I had to get prepared to go back to the office.

I found some rice in the fridge that had been there awhile and I tossed down the garbage disposal.

The garbage disposal decided that this was the day to die which we did not discover until we were finished with dinner and rushing to get things cleaned up so we could stagger off to bed. The main sink backed up, the auxiliary side backed up and for whatever reasons the sink in the laundry room is part of this series of tubes and it got backed up with gross stuff, too,.

If you have ever tried to problem solve with your partner when you are both tired and frustrated you can probably imagine how that all went. Plus, who doesn’t try to solve a problem using a bad idea? We won’t go into all that.

Anyway, we handled as best we could by ourselves before giving up and not the next day but the day after a plumbing team arrived to save the day.

Our disposal was from 2006 so no big surprise that had to be replaced. But the plumbing experts thought that the way our sink was set up underneath was problematic so they rearranged things so that now the LEFT is the disposal side and the right is rinse sink.

We have lived in this house over 20 years. The change makes better sense for our work flow and we trust the plumbers, but YIKES, it is hard to get used to. I am moving things back and forth over and over every time I’m in the kitchen. But it drains like a champ again.

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