Day of the Figs

Wow, it’s the middle of August. What happened?

Our next door neighbors have a giant fig tree and it was really loaded. I looked at it with envy even though I love my little fig tree.

As we got closer to harvest time, we would check in with the neighbors.

Figs yet? No, still hard as a rock. How about you?

Then we had a few days of 100 degree weather.

And then the figs were all ripe at the same time.

This is part of our crop. I ate most of it standing outside next to the tree.

Our neighbors were inundated. They said we could pick over the fence. And then just said come over and pick. And also gave us bunches.

They also had a murmuration of starlings discover the tree and do a number on it.

I threw my stash into the freezer and will be making jam when I have time.

Just as fast as it started, it’s finished. Just the second crop nubbins out there now.

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